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Jake & Rob Geek Out: Their Technology History
February 08, 2022

Jake and Rob have a fun conversation as they walk back through their introduction and experience with technology. They reminisce about their first computers, first software, initial experience with th

The Story behind Performance Tracker
January 25, 2022

Lori Salberg, Director of J3Tech Solutions, joins Jake and Rob for the story behind Performance Tracker. Rob asks Jake about the system's origins and Lori shares where Performance Tracker is now and h

How WordPress can help Funeral Homes and Cremation Providers
January 18, 2022

Rob shares the back story of why he chose WordPress to be the CMS (Content Management System) for all of the funeral home marketing websites and cremation arrangement websites that he and his team hav

Funeral Results Marketing: From Simple Obituary Discovery to Digital Marketing Agency
January 11, 2022

Rob recalls his first involvement with a funeral home website in 1996, discovering how obituaries could be found by Google and the path he took to create the digital marketing agency, Funeral Results

Johnson Consulting Group: From Corner of Parking Lot to Industry Leader
January 04, 2022

Jake recounts when his dad, Tom started Johnson Consulting Group, Jake's introduction into the company and what he and the team at JCG have grown it into. Jake also shares the background and significa

Jake talks M & A – What do owners need to know today?
December 26, 2021

Jake shares his valuable insights into funeral home mergers and acquisitions - and the higher-than-normal multiples that are being offered for the right funeral homes. For more information

How Jake and Rob Met – Just Pick Up The Phone
December 26, 2021

Jake and Rob reflect on how they were first made aware of each other in the mid 2000s - Tom Johnson and Google. For more information about Funeral Results Marketing, check out the website o

Jake Johnson & Robin Heppell: The Funeral Results Marketing Partnership
December 26, 2021

Jake and Rob look back at the events over the past two years that brought them to become partners in Funeral Results Marketing and where they are today. For more information about Funeral