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2021 Excellence in Customer Service Awards
April 12, 2022

Lori Salberg is back to announce the winners of Performance Tracker's 2021 Excellence in Customer Service Awards. Lori explains the criteria and methodology for the selection process for the awards an

Employee Incentive Compensation Plans for Funeral Homes
April 05, 2022

Guest Nelson Thulin joins Funeral X to explain the benefits of Employee Incentive Compensation Plans and what factors should be considered when creating an incentive plan. For more information about t

Jake’s Book: Staying Alive In The Funeral & Cemetery Profession
March 31, 2022

Jake reflects on his thought process and then the writing, publishing and promotion of his book: Staying Alive In The Funeral & Cemetery Profession: Building A Business, Weathering Changes, and Findin

The Strategic Planning Process for Funeral Homes
March 22, 2022

Guest Vince Roberge of Johnson Consulting Group talks through the process of strategic planning for funeral homes. He shares the best practices when conducting a strategic planning initiative and what

Google Ads for Funeral Homes 101: Part 2 – Ad Creative & Maintenance
March 15, 2022

As a follow-up to the previous Google Ads episode, Rob breaks down the structure of a Google Search Text Ad and his strategy when writing those ads. He also explains the keyword pruning process and ca

Google Ads for Funeral Homes 101: Part 1 – Campaign Setup
March 08, 2022

Rob shares his strategy in setting up Google Ads (formerly AdWords) campaigns for Funeral Homes and Cremation Providers who are trying to attract at-need first calls. He explains Bidding and Location

ICCFA 2022 Annual Convention Preview
March 02, 2022

Lori is back with Jake and Rob in this episode and as the Co-Chair of the ICCFA Convention, she gives an overview of the event. Jake and Rob both talk about the presentations that they will be giving.

ICCFA Keynote: Mark Scharenbroich – Nice Bike – Making Meaningful Connections
February 26, 2022

In this special Funeral X episode Rob interviews ICCFA Keynote presenter, Mark Scharenbroich, about his presentation: Nice Bike – Making Meaningful Connections. Immediately following Mark's presentati

The Importance of Customer Service and How it Impacts Your Bottom Line and the Value of Your Business
February 23, 2022

Jake shares his insights and study of Customer Service and the approach he and the team at Johnson Consulting take to improve customer service internally and how they help funeral businesses do the sa

Rob’s Marketing Strategies Help Online Cremation Firm Go From 0 to 7 Figures in 5 Years
February 15, 2022

Rob shares the back story of how he helped Jeff and Steve Murphy start and grow their online cremation business to a very successful exit. Rob explains 3 marketing strategies that were very important