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Daily Wire's Matt Walsh Challenges Trans-Confused on Womanhood
January 20, 2022

Matt Walsh was on Dr. Phil with Transgenders questioning them: What is a woman?

Even NASA Has Become "Woke"
January 19, 2022

NASA wants more diversity in spaceships

Fairfax County Tells Children They are Privilege Due to Military Parents
January 19, 2022

Woke is at it again to further divide the country.

Governor Kirsti Noam Pledges 1776 to Support Our Schools' Patriotism
January 11, 2022

A true patriot wants to save America.

Jan 6th-A Year Later
January 06, 2022

Recap on what happen a year ago and what liberals and Rhinos are saying about it.

Howard Stern Calls the Unvaccinated "Morons"
January 05, 2022

Stern even challenges to become president to fix the vaccine mess.

CNN Don Lemon Triggered on NYE
January 05, 2022

Lemon using obscene language on NYE to other news anchors.

100th Episode: Chris Matthews Former MSNBC Hardball Host States We're Heading Far Left
January 04, 2022

Even Matthews is realizing this country is going isane.

Megyn Kelly calls Comptroller a Hypocrite for Defunding the Police
January 03, 2022

Kelly calls out another hypocrite who wants to defund the police, yet has security on a regular basis.