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#HRTechChat with Mimi Brooks, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Logical Design Solutions

November 15, 2021

Your organization has completed a digital transformation. But the organizational transformation you hoped would naturally follow has not materialized. Why? What happened? Mimi Brooks, founder and CEO of Logical Design Solutions (LDS), joined us at 3Sixty Insights to answer this and discuss the tricky notion of the role digital transformation plays in organizational transformation -- and vice versa. This is a chicken-and-the-egg scenario wherein at times the chicken is first, and at other times the egg is. This and how organizational cultures and makeups of the future of work will affect digital strategies, as well as the near-future considerations at the intersection or organizational and digital transformation vis-à-vis the pandemic and a return to work, are among the many topics we covered with Mimi, our guest on #HRTechChat.

LDS is a management consultancy that works "with large global organizations on their digital strategies when they're trying to use digital to create organizational change," Mimi says. She speaks of a future workforce and sees a move toward employee experience plus productivity, as well as experiences in the context of work. In this way, digital transformation helps drive the gig economy. "I like to say worker experience, because it could be whomever and wherever work gets done." And this has implications for the semantics of the term employee experience, of course.

Getting back to the origins of digital transformation, Mimi says it "came first, because people bought the technology first. The human behavior was to buy the technology. And we thought that if we bought digital technologies that we would become digital, native companies as a way of working." And this didn't necessarily happen, even though they were good capital expenditures. The challenge since has been to transform cultures to be digitally native and receptive to using the tools and forming a virtuous circle.

The thing about COVID-19 and the major disruptions that came along with it is that it accelerated utilization of this preexisting digital infrastructure and has had a net-positive effect on the interplay between organizational and digital transformation -- again, that virtuous circle.

We touched on a lot more in the half-hour we spoke. I encourage anyone interested in this topic to view the full episode.