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3Sixty Insights

#HRTechChat from Hollywood, Florida at #isolvedconnect 2021

September 20, 2021

3Sixty Insights is at the Hilton Diplomat in Hollywood, Fla., this week to attend isolved Connect, the vendor's annual customer conference. So, naturally, we recorded an episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast onsite with Amy Mosher, isolved's chief people officer, and Lina Tonk, vice president of marketing for isolved.

For our chat, we dove deeply into isolved's recent rebrand, the positive impact this has had on its employees and customers alike, and, as well, isolved's successful internal use of its own platform to grow its own workforce by 40 percent this year. Earlier, this summer, 3Sixty Insights published a case study delving into the particulars. Download it for free, and, if you're feeling enterprising, go here to learn all about our case study on Key Training Center's successful use of the isolved platform.

By the way, you read that right: #isolvedconnect is an in-person event this year. Related activities and festivities remain in full swing through the conclusion of Tuesday's Final Night Party, and it was my pleasure to deliver a presentation here on Monday: Melding the Two Hemispheres of HCM: Concrete and Abstract. After close to two years now meeting with colleagues only virtually, you tend to forget how great it is to see familiar faces and meet new people in real life.

In my opinion, isolved has conducted itself in an exceptionally savvy way as of late -- Amy, Lina, and I even dipped briefly into analyzing the effect of isolved's new colors, pink and black.