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Trustegrity - building relationships
March 06, 2023

Trustegrity - building relationships, which results in the sharing of ideas, solutions, and opportunities. Laurie Pearce provided an overview of Trustegrity and how its members benefit from this networking and mastermind group. Laurie suggests that never

Choosing a Retirement Plan
January 29, 2023

Choosing a retirement plan can be tricky for a small business owner. Many states have mandated businesses to have a plan in place. Taylor and Parker provided good information regarding the options businesses have. 401K plans provide a lot more flexibility

Health is wealth
January 08, 2023

We all know that health is wealth, but still for many people it is difficult to eat right and exercise well. Rebecca Walker said that there are various factors like availability of junk food, marketing and what is going on in our bodies that makes us deve

Grow your network
November 07, 2022

Grow your network of diverse people to grow your business. Maile says that effective networking is a learnable skill. When we team up with other people, opportunities are exponential compared to trying to do things alone. She explains that when we are int

Get your accounting under control
October 30, 2022

Vivek highlights the importance of getting the accounting under control. He says that when a business owner is looking at the accounting at 2 AM, then it is a clear sign to outsource the accounting function.

Role of destination marketing organizations in supporting the local economy
October 17, 2022

Patricia Snowden talks about the role Stay Pleasant Hill plays in promoting visitors to the city and region. The tourism industry was severely affected by the pandemic. Patricia provided some insight on how to look into the available data to update y

Lead by example
September 19, 2022

Mony Nop talks about leadership and what made him succeed against all odds. He explained his love for Livermore, why he is running to be a mayor and what all he plans to do.

Learning is a treasure
September 05, 2022

Learning is a treasure. When students and industries collaborate, a win-win situation is created, and true development takes place. Dr. Dyrell Foster discusses some of the wonderful things Las Positas College is doing in Livermore, CA.

Ensuring your long term financial health
August 29, 2022

A small business owner has a lot on his or her plate. Judith Feuer provides an overview of the value a right financial advisor brings. She also talks about what are some of the common things business owners do that make them financially successful.

Plan to succeed as success is not an accident
August 07, 2022

Plan to succeed as a successful business requires knowing where things stand and what needs to be done to achieve the goals. Joel Smith explains that rather than looking at accounting as a cost, small business owners need to look at outsourced CFO service