For the Love of Podcast

For the Love of Podcast

How to Get 5 Million Podcast Downloads on a Shoestring Budge

October 20, 2021

Samantha Lee Wright on For the Love of Podcast
I’m super excited for today’s guest. She's the creator of the Pineapple Podcast Academy author of the book Pineapple Podcasting: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Creating, Launching, and Monetizing a Podcast, with Zero Experience and a Shoestring Budget.

She's a self-described part hippie and part tech geek. She's a teacher, speaker, writer, and podcaster. Her show, The Essential Oil Revolution, has over 5 million downloads, and today we’re going to learn how she did it.

We will talk about the importance of finding the right topic, why picking a title is literally the most important thing, how to attract a loyal following, and how to effectively monetize your show!