For the Love of Podcast

For the Love of Podcast

Hidden Podcast Marketing Strategies with Melissa Guller

July 29, 2021


Melissa Guller is a course creator, podcast producer, and CEO of Wit & Wire, where she helps online business owners build their authority and reach a wider audience through podcasting.

She's produced multiple Top 50 podcasts, hosted over 100 podcast episodes, and her podcast Everything is Teachable topped the charts as the #2 Career Podcast in America. 

Melissa’s also a top-rated instructor at General Assembly NYC and on Skillshare, and she previously worked full-time for Ramit Sethi and Teachable. To date, she's helped nearly 2,000 podcasters through her Wit & Wire programs, and she's on a mission to help more diverse business owners earn money online doing work they love.

In this episode, we do a deep dive into how Pinterest, newsletters, and paid ads can be used to promote your podcast live on Clubhouse. This one is packed with valuable tips you can immediately apply!

What we discuss:

[01:04] - How Melissa used Pinterest to promote her podcast

[03:12] - Strategies Melissa used to bring more visibility to her podcast

[04:57] - Tips for podcasters concerning keyword researching on Pinterest

[06:39] - Melissa's pins that went viral on Pinterest

[09:37] - Mistakes that we should avoid making on Pinterest

[11:30] - How to schedule pins in advance

[13:55] - Why Melissa advocates using Quiz as a marketing strategy

[17:28] - Platform that Melissa recommends for creating a quiz

[18:20] - The do and don't of making a quiz.

[21:02] - What should be the category of the Quiz?

[22:38] - A substitute for a regular call to action

[25:52] - Melissa's tips for email marketing

[29:00] - How to create anticipation for your future events

[32:46] - How to use other people's platforms to alleviate your brand

[39:15] - The challenge of paid advertisement

Valuable Insights by Melissa:

If you have your post/blog on your sites, you should include a pinnable image in that post.

If you are looking for any Pinterest strategy by Pinterest experts online, just make sure that they have found success in the last year.

Utilize Quiz to promote your podcast show.

While creating a quiz, before you come up with questions, come up with results.

Instead of running ads to your podcast, run ads for your freebies.

If you're running paid ads for your show, run them on your website instead of running them on Apple, Spotify, etc.

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