Nomadic Thunker Says...

Nomadic Thunker Says...

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#5 [Part 2]: Us versus Them - Bridging empathy gaps
September 19, 2020

For all the arguments that favour humankind’s innate desire to view The Other as a threat, there are enough arguments to support humankind’s innate desire for connection too.  -- Transcript:

#5 [Part 1]: Us versus Them - Othering 'the Other'
September 05, 2020

Othering is what we do to those we consider as Them. Othering is dehumanising. Othering is the opposite of Belonging. -- Transcript: -- Registrations for the October cohort of Be A Better You For You, an online program on self

#4: Personal growth is not Instagrammable
August 22, 2020

Personal growth can neither be airbrushed for the aesthetics nor is it compatible with vanity for Likes... because personal growth is not Instagrammable! Transcript: --- Registrations are now open for the next cohort of "Be A Bet

#3: Are you a solo-traveller or a group-traveller?
August 01, 2020

Can attempting to answer the question, "Are you a solo-traveller or a group-traveller" reveal more about the insidiousness of our confirmation biases and cognitive dissonance? Transcript: --- Send in a voice message: https:

#2: Mental Health Care - self & community
July 18, 2020

We exalt the virtues of collectivist societies. Then, is it not imperative for communities to be equal enablers and supporters of its members’ mental health care and well-being? Transcript: --- Send in a voice message: h

#1: Are you a cat-person or a dog-person?
July 04, 2020

Can a seemingly harmless and juvenile 'BuzzFeed quiz' question: “Are you a cat-person or a dog-person?”, point towards something more problematic? Episode 1 is a starter pack on false dichotomies through the lens of a seemingly banal question. Transcr

Welcome to 'Nomadic Thunker Says'
June 26, 2020

"who this? new listener" -- Curious to know what Nomadic Thunker Says is all about? Spare no more that 61 seconds and have your inquisitivity satiated