10K Collective e-Commerce Podcast

10K Collective e-Commerce Podcast

Mindsets of European Amazon Sellers with Augustas Kligys

September 05, 2019

What does it take to scale European Amazon sellers? How does language play a part in expanding businesses in Europe? Find out in today's podcast.

Augustas will have different events in 4 countries
Augustas wants to bring sellers together which is much harder to do in Europe.

Every country has its own culture and gets isolated, especially European Amazon sellers.

Rumanian sellers communicate with Rumanians; Lithuanians with others etc.

Most Europeans are excited to meet other nationalities.

You find different perspectives on how people see the same thing.
Different perspectives on the same thing from different nationalities
For example, in China - big learning -visiting China for 3 weeks 20 years ago. In Europe we say “round table” - if a Chinese person looks at it - it’s an “Ellipse”. From the side, it is an eclipse.
What are your experiences between British sellers and other countries?
Multiple languages
Brits often have a disadvantage as they are mono-lingual.

Even Germans tend to speak German and English.

It opens up information that is shared among those people for European Amazon sellers.

Even if you don’t speak German and sell in Germany - you’re going to need to hire a translator.

Recently Augustas was organising an event in Israel - and he didn’t realise how hard it would be to organise!

He was relying on the business partner for marketing. He couldn’t read any of the Hebrew.

There weren’t systems in place to translate quickly and easily for European Amazon sellers.
Central & Eastern European experience as Amazon sellers
Especially Central and Eastern Europe, he holds lots of events in Russia - Georgia in a few weeks.

Ukraine is more known in the Russian community.
They tend to go for less expensive services, they are more geared to keep cheap in Western Europe.
Photographer in Lithuania
Lithuanian Amazon sellers run away when he tells them the price.

They think it should be €200-300, not €700
Trends - seller behaviour
Eg selling in The USA?

European marketplaces?
Augustas’s Story as an entrepreneur - background
He was a programmer who went into the Amazon industry

Not native English speaker - got known with virtual summits

Now does live events.

Events (English language)

Augustas jumped into the arena about 3 years ago and has done 6 virtual summits.

In 2019, he started doing live events.

He’s done several events so far:

He has done one event in Prague - for European ones “European Seller Conference.”

One in Israel - Sellerfest -for local sellers.

He has also done one event in Lithuania - Sellerfest

Uses the same event name for multiple countries.
Lithuania is serving different market segments: Some intermediate sellers;

However, the PPC Congress in Oct 3,4 in Amsterdam will be only talking about Amazon advertising.

This will be the first of its kind. There are conferences around Google ads etc. but not yet Amazon advertising. Hopefully he will attract some agencies who help a lot of Amazon sellers.