10K Collective e-Commerce Podcast

10K Collective e-Commerce Podcast

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How to create video for Amazon sellers with Rick Cesari
October 15, 2019

Creating video for Amazon sellers requires a lot of trial and error. Rick talks about how to get viewers hooked on your videos.

Amazon Headline Ads With Brian Johnson of Canopy Management
October 10, 2019

Classic mistakes with Amazon headline ads can be prevented. Brian discusses the strategies to make your headline ads stand out and be more effective.

Amazon PPC Management with Brian Johnson of Canopy Management
October 08, 2019

Amazon PPC Management can get very messy. Learn the basic skills to increase product performance and overall, leveraging your business.

Amazon Germany & Running an Amazon Agency with Nadine Eich
October 01, 2019

An Amazon Agency is really tough to run. Find out how Nadine keeps her company running in shape and what keeps her team and customers happy.

Amazon Germany & German Customer service with Nadine Eich
September 26, 2019

Amazon Germany has different demands and customer behaviours. Today's episode equips us to manage our approach to our German customers.

How to hire VAs for Amazon sellers
September 24, 2019

When it comes to hiring and processes, we need to know where to find capable staff, define their roles and make sure they have a process to follow.

How to create processes for Amazon sellers
September 19, 2019

Undersanding how to grow a process system can create great opportunities to scale your business in the wider scheme of things.

Sell handmade on amazon with Konark Ogra
September 17, 2019

If you Sell handmade on Amazon, you already have several advantages over those selling factory-made products. Find out how to make it happen with Konark.

How handmade products can make Amazon sellers cash
September 12, 2019

Handmade products from developing countries are a massive trend. They give Amazon sellers several huge business advantages while doing good. Find out what!

Launching in Amazon Japan with John Cant of Rising Sun Commerce
September 10, 2019

Launching in Amazon Japan  Expanding internationally -what’s the process? Are you looking into expanding and launching in Amazon Japan? Know the differences, the similarities, and the pitfalls when exploring the Japanese market. -