10-6 Podcast

10-6 Podcast

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Episode 9
December 09, 2015

From our cloud studio fortress-High above the stratosphere...we talk to Jason G. NO! Not Kenny Gs brother but his cousins Uncles, Nephew on his dads sides neighbors buddy...Jason! Go 10-6 as we talk Marvel, Ferguson and scandal. Ok, no scandal but lots o

Episode 8
November 23, 2015

Rolling SOLO after another technical hiccup on my end. Going to briefly discuss our C.C.P.I. - CIVILIAN COMBAT PISTOL INTRODUCTION CCW, Right to carry, why training is so important and a few Black Friday TIPS!

Episode 7-1
November 16, 2015

ENCORE! We couldnt fit this into one Episode 7 Podcast so here is our *rant* with Lt. Bill. We discuss Paris attack, MIZZOU and Space X!

Episode 7
November 16, 2015

This week we talk DNA and#038; Hollywood with Mehul Anjaria.....Tune In! And look for our Encore Presentation with Episode 7-1 as we talk the Paris Terrorist attach, MIZZOU and Space X with Lt. Bill.

Episode 6
November 08, 2015

From our cloud studio fortress-High above the stratosphere. Darin and Mike Bonham discuss the meat and potatoes of LE.

Episode 5
October 29, 2015

From our cloud studio fortress-High above the stratosphere. Darin and Lieutenant Bill talk about Google Cars-Drones and Bills obvious Man Crush on Iron Man?

Episode 4
October 21, 2015

Soldier-Officer-Bounty Hunter-Father-Corporate Exec.....we get Jeff on the phone for Episode 4.

Episode 3
October 18, 2015

Lt. Bill on the phone again for Episode 3. Left a web camera with a mic plugged in (Will never happen again) so the audio once again is less than stellar. Bill and I discuss, getting old-Zombie Shootings and his new name Pee Paw.

Episode 2
October 12, 2015

Zombie Apocalypse - Equipment Seems To Be Working. - Interview with Lt. Bill Life After Police Work. Contact Us on the site with your feedback - www.loguesolutions.com